Incomplete shape.Looking for advice.

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Incomplete shape.Looking for advice.

Post by Strife425 » Sat Jul 09, 2016 1:35 pm

Hello there AMV gods. :D
I'm currently working on a amateurish amv done by a newb :p.
Since my knowledge of the editing programs are closer to none, i though i would ask for advice ^.^
This is a masked object that i have taken from a shot.I used the healing brush tool in order to delete a thumb.However i have an issue, as you can see, the sack is cutted. I was hoping if you guys could name the process for restoring cutted objects so i could research it ^.^Also I'm not worried about the little ropes since they cant be seen in the other shots , i was thinking of erasing them all together using the healing brush.
After restoring the object i was hoping of using it to replace her cup for the sack. This is what i have come up so far.
I have tried to research for blending in techniques on the internet but there seems to be a more technical term for it since i came up with nothing.
I was also hoping to use the same technique for this shot as well .
Thanks for your attention ^.^


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