Useful AI resources for AMV Editors

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Useful AI resources for AMV Editors

Post by Zarxrax » Sat Nov 26, 2022 11:03 am

If you have any questions or comments about the content of my guides, please reply below.

Video Upscaling Guide ... sp=sharing
A guide for upscaling using chaiNNer.

Automatic Rotoscoping using AI Background Remover ... lzdw5g4bt9
A tutorial I wrote for background removal using chaiNNer.

Software and Useful Links
A powerful image processing tool mainly focused on upscaling. model database
A database of models for upscaling and image restoration. Most models can be used in chaiNNer.

A tool to interpolate video frames (generate in-between frames)

A tool to color line art or manga. Can add some flair to Manga Music Videos.

AUTOMATIC1111 Stable Diffusion web UI
One of the more powerful and easy to use interfaces for Stable Diffusion, which lets you generate AI images.

Uses Stable Diffusion to generate animated videos. Also available as an extension for the AUTOMATIC1111 web UI.

A plugin I wrote for Davinci Resolve to export keyframe data for Deforum.

Transfer style from an image onto a video. Technically not AI/machine learning, but can be useful together with stable diffusion.

You can upload a song, and it can separate out the vocals and instruments all onto separate tracks. Free account allows you to upload a limited number of songs per month.

An online video editor which has a lot of different AI tools built in. Subscription based, but a free account allows access to most things, with some limitations.

An interactive chat bot which you can ask questions, and you can even ask it for AMV ideas. For example "can you give me some song recommendations for a One Piece AMV?" or "Can you recommend some anime that might work well for an AMV to the song Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen?"

TwoMinutePapers on YouTube
A channel that explains a lot of the newest AI technology in an easy to understand way. A great way to see all the cool stuff that is possible now, or coming in the future, while also demystifying it.

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