Similar programs to WMM

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Similar programs to WMM

Post by Tabin25 » Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:46 pm

I love WMM and how simple it is but, my only problem is with how slow it can be.

Are there any other programs simliar to it (easy to use, ie, just drag in a .avi file) but faster and more efficient for editing?

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Re: Similar programs to WMM

Post by TerryCooper » Mon Jul 29, 2013 6:57 am

Hi there! Perhaps you will find the following programs quite helpful. I use Adobe Aftereffects, it's awesome:
Adobe Premiere is cool too, it comes with lots of options and effects:
However, Movie Maker is the easy-to-use powerful app. What do you dislike about it? It may be possible that you use it wrong or don't fully comprehend its functioning principle. I use Movie Maker and find the results satisfying. Check out this guide to start using Movie Maker effectively.


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