After Effects CS4[Problem Rendering &Export with Quicktime]

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After Effects CS4[Problem Rendering &Export with Quicktime]

Postby IzayaNeko » Mon Jun 20, 2011 6:04 am

I got a problem with my rendering..!First of all i got to say that im new with AE and i've just made my first video on it!I saw from some tutorials on utube that the best way to have the best HD quality is with quicktime movie!So i download it and did what that guy is saying here on the video[don't forget to change the'xxx' with 'www'! :)

When i press render AE pop that message ''The directory originally specified in the selected output module no longer exists''

I tried to let it be and tried to export it!But i couldn't select the quick time movie neither avi and the others!Only the four firsts......

Any suggestions? :sweat:

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Re: After Effects CS4[Problem Rendering &Export with Quickti

Postby Pwolf » Mon Jun 20, 2011 9:31 pm

kid sounds like he's 12 and he's also an idiot (more like uneducated i guess).

your error sounds like something is broken. try reinstalling it AE. It could just be the Quicktime module... use Microsoft AVI as the output. But first, don't do what he did and open the render queue and drag and drop the comp into it. If you have a lot of sources and comps in your bin, it's better to be in the comp you want to render and hit ctrl-m. or go up to composition in the menu and hit make movie. this will automatically bring up the render queue so there's no confusion as to what you're actually rendering. Also, don't export as quicktime. Export to a lossless format (UTVideo/Lagarith) and follow the guides here on how to encode a distribution copy to h264.

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