VirtualDub Audio Question

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VirtualDub Audio Question

Post by Watatashi » Mon Apr 20, 2015 3:36 am

Hello all! I have been using MakeMKV to rip footage from Blu-Ray and then taking the resulting .MKV files to VirtualDub to repackage them as .AVI and this has been working beautifully. I have been using the following script to load the footage into VirtualDub.

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But I have been wondering what I have to do to load the audio into VirtualDub as well so that I could have some clips with the source audio to use in my edits. How would I go about doing that?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: VirtualDub Audio Question

Post by RTW47 » Mon Apr 20, 2015 11:38 am

for importing both video and audio track, you can try doing:

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Video = LWLibavVideoSource("File.mkv")
Audio = LWLibavAudioSource("File.mkv")
AudioDub(Video, Audio)


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