Dot Crawl issues

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Dot Crawl issues

Post by Elegant » Wed Jul 16, 2014 12:02 am

Hi, I've recently picked up encoding but I've encounter a dot crawl issue I can't seem to fix. contains a sample of the clip. More or less as the guy gets up you can clearly see dot crawl along the bottom of his shirt and a bit on his right sleeve. I've tried just about every filter I can think of (DeDot, LUTDeCrawl, Checkmate, DeCrawl, TComb), some in conjunction with others, and nothing seems to work. The source is the DVD. I'm currently using the following for my script:

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ChubbyRain2(th=20, radius=10, show=false, sft=23, interlaced=false)
crop(10, 0, -6, 0)
Spline36Resize(704,480) # Spline36 (Neutral)
Undot() # Minimal Noise
TComb does a good job cleaning up most of the dot crawl but it's not good with movement and I'm having a tough time finding a combination that is without making the screen look horrible. ChubbyRain2 took care of all the rainbows that were present something TComb seemed unable to do no matter what settings I used. I have an encode of this done years ago from someone else and the dot crawl is not present on their encode; somehow they got it out (mind you they ruined the color in quite a number of frames).

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated!


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