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Some videos that aren't mine

Post by Scintilla » Fri Feb 03, 2006 10:16 pm

Please do check some of these out, especially the lesser known ones. Anyway, here's the list, with each video getting its own genre (is it just me, or do they do this to the songs in Beatmania too? not that I've ever played it, but the ones that cross over to DDR tend to have some pretty unique-sounding genres).

<b>Alternate Opening Sequence™:</b>
AmazonMandy's <a href=" ... 113">Utena Daioh</a>
THIS IS BRILLIANCE. And original animation. Will crack you up if you know both series.

<b>Opening Sequence Parody:</b>
Szwagier's <a href=" ... >Powerpuff Bonklers</a>
This also cracked me up. Just get it. Now.

Godix's <a href=" ... >Dedicated To My Wife</a>.
That must be some marriage, dude.

Videogame4's <a href=" ... 005">Angry Anime Polka</a>
I FINALLY FOUND IT! How did this not make the finals at Otakon? The Lupin bit was genius.

<b>Eye Candy:</b>
Arigatomina's <a href=" ... 69822">Ego Trip</a>
Because who <i>doesn't</i> like well-synched hot bishounen with cool effects?

Lizard Queen Studios' <a href=" ... 82572">AMV 002 (Haibane Renmei/Breakaway)</a>
For a long time I'd been hoping someone would make a good video with this combo. This one doesn't disappoint.

Voices of Ryan's <a href=" ... 075">Halos Beneath Us</a>
Great mood synching to create a powerful and disturbing video.

<b>Angst and Romance:</b>
Thalionore's <a href=" ... 63292">Let Sasuke Go!</a>
Three Doors Down + Naruto + WMV = a surprisingly good AMV. Especially like the sparing but well-placed use of the manga scenes.

BMXRIDERSI's <a href=" ... ">Reviving Skylines</a>
2005 was the year of <i>The Place Promised In Our Early Days</i> videos, but I think I like this one the best.

Dan Persons's <a href=" ... >Mamimi</a>
A quieter look at a troubled character from FLCL.

Skyebox's <a href=" ... 4689">Keep Working, Space Cowboy</a>
How did this not make the finals at Otakon?

<b>Structural Concept:</b>
Jasper-Isis and krzT321's <a href=" ... 7">EPYC</a>
Perhaps the most originally structured video I've seen this year, and the editing's pretty good too!

<b>Implied Romance:</b>
Kusoyaro's <a href=" ... 84129">Sex and Caramel</a>
At least, I was <i>told</i> that this isn't actually a romantic pairing in the anime. Also, very nice use of effects.

<b>Straight-up Romance:</b>
AUN Studios' <a href=" ... 85543">The Little Things</a>
Best Chobits romance video I've ever seen. My pick to win at Otakon.

Ashyukun's <a href=" ... ">Bouncing Through the Years</a>
Perhaps my favorite video of the year, period.

<b>Lip Synch:</b>
Al'x's <a href=" ... 307">Koshi Rikdo as Robert McFerrin Singing Bach</a>
One of the most original ideas I've seen in a while.

Ashyukun's <a href=" ... Everything About Guu</a>
Simple upbeat fun in the jungle, leaves you with a smile.

<b>Senseless Violence:</b>
RogueIntellectProductions' <a href=" ... 5481">Kill Excel</a>
Another great segmented video from the year that saw more of them than any other.

Brad DeMoss's <a href=" ... 60">Monkey Punch's "The Princess Bride"</a>
Should have won Best Trailer in AWA Pro.

<b>Crossover Romance:</b>
Kragdrim's <a href=" ... 68839">All For My Love</a>
All I can say about this one is that it's got Edward Elric and Midori, put together and done <i>right</i>. I'm really surprised this hasn't gotten more attention.

<b>Crossover Action:</b>
Vlad G. Pohnert's <a href=" ... v=89803">A View to a Kill</a>
I didn't even know this was supposed to be a parody of something.

<b>Massively Multi-Anime Comedy:</b>
Hito's <a href=" ... 78914">The Race</a>
It's got a plot and funny interaction between the characters. This automatically makes it better than Shounen Bushidou. :P
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