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Outlaws Don't Stop (Remake) Best Character Profile/ Drama

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2006 5:35 pm
by genestarwind21122
Well this is basically my pride and joy here. This video took the longest out of any videos I have made so far. This is also a special video to me personally as I dedicated to my grandparents. This video used Adobe Priemere 6.0 and Adobe Photoshop 7. Eventhough this video isn't available here on the org I do have a rapidshare link for it which I'll post here.

Title : Outlaws Don't Stop (Remake)
Anime : Outlaw Star
Artist : Creed
Song : Don't Stop Dancin'

Link: ... .divx.html

Sierra Lorna - "This is frankly the best work I've ever seen you do" "Good stuff. Overall the video looks really nice and has a nice storyline and message to it. "

Vlad G Pohnert -" It’s refreshing to see a good sentimental video done to the series, as there are not a lot of good Outlaw Star videos out there to begin with."
"I’ve seen your work for the past several years and as this video shows, you have come a considerably long way. The editing is quite solid and you have captured the feel of the anime quite nicely. Keep up the good work."

shinji13 - "This is an excellent video" "I am definitely keeping this"

Go on and check it out for yourselves. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Gene Starwind 21122