I have an idea but am unable to make it

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I have an idea but am unable to make it

Post by Dadash2205 » Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:06 pm


i've got this idea for some time now but had not had an anime wich could get it right.

ok here goesting, you peeps know "here without you" by 3 Doors down.its bin used for amv loads. but. I have a way different feeling with this song wich I have not seen in any amv yet, the only one I have seen wich got the right feelings is a macinema video from the WoW game. and I think I know wich anime could use the samen feelings.

the setting should be the death of 2 People where only one gets reborn as a devil. and is in desperate search for the otter one (the get killer by someone and hè will get revange at the end of the video. and I think the best anime to use could posibly be highschool dxd.


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