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The Triptych Project

Post by crashman.2 » Tue Nov 15, 2005 7:20 pm

The Triptych Project

In art, music, and life, from the most crucial to the most mundane, three truly is a magic number. From the Holy Trinity to the commonly uttered phrase, “the third time is the charm.” From “Master of Puppets” to “Master of Reality.” Demon Hunter is proud to carry on that tradition with “The Triptych,” the explosive follow-up to “Summer of Darkness” and the most important heavy album of the fall. Middle Ages and Renaissance artists often used "triptychs" when constructing their alter pieces - a triptych being a painting or carving with three side-by-side parts, panels or canvasses, which together (and only together) form a greater whole. With this in mind Demon Hunter deliver their third album, advancing their story further.
~from Demon Hunter’s Biography

This is, hand down, the biggest AMV project I’ve plan and want to do. I wanted to do this for two reasons; 1) I want to challenge myself in the my hobby of making AMVs and (hope) improve my skills in it and learn to be a project leader at my college classes (just incase) and 2) To show the AMV viewers and other Hunters* out there how much I care about the coolest metal band ever, Demon Hunter. It’ll include all the songs from the band’s latest album, the Triptych, and unlike some other projects (like Chevelle Project and Tool Project) that include only small clips of songs, the songs in the Triptych Project will be in their entire length. That’s over fifty-one minutes of anime goodness and head-banging time but I can’t do it alone. I need 8-10 people to help me with making this and each song will be a chapter in the final video. This will be one of the longest anime music video ever after it is all done. Get ready, ‘cause the third war is coming to the org.

Rules and Regulations

Anyone can join as long they follow these rules and regulations

1. The footages must comes from DVDs or Japanese import DVDs. No download, TV, VHS, fansub and subtitles footage.
2. Your final video must be at least 720x480 in high resolution at 29.97 or 30 fps in AVI (see number 5 for details) or WMV only in 4:3 and sent it to me (drew829rvb) via AIM.
3. Whatever song you choose, you have to use the whole song. No ands, ifs or buts and you can pick more then one song.
4. Use animes or anime related CGs only! No live-action or western cartoons (that includes Teen Titans). You can use up to three animes into your videos and can be use up to two times by different editors in the project.
5. For videos that are AVI, use Huffy or xvid codec only.
6. Your final video will be a chapter in the huge 51+ minute video. You the option of posting the final version of your chapter on your account with your name, the chapter number, and song title in the video’s title with no titles or credits and add my name as a collaborator.
7. Your video can be under Action, Drama/Romance, or Storytelling as long as it can fit with a quarter of the song's lyrics.
8. Tell me what song you want to use and I'll PM you the link to it.
9. the final due date will be May 19, 2006.

Music Tracks

The Flame That Guides Us Home (Intro)^ - Free (0:00.0-0:29.87)
Not I- Free (0:29.87-4:43.00)
Undying- Free (4:43.00-9:01.60)
Relentless Intolerance- Free (9:01.60-13:04.00)
Deteriorate- Free (13:04.00-18:57.80)
The Soldier’s Song- crashman.2 {Vandread} (18:57.80-24:22.13)
Fire to My Soul- Free (24:22.13-28:25.73)
One Thousand Apologies- Free (28:25.73-33:22.13)
The Science of Lies- Free (33:22.13-37:31.80)
Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck**- Free (37:31.80-41:45.00)
Ribcage- Free (41:45.00-45:31.80)
The Tide Began to Rise- Free (45:31.80-51:08.73)
*note*- the links above are just streaming audio, but I'll upload the songs themselfs next week. The streaming audio are just there so anyone who want to join can listen to some of the songs they can use in the project.

*- Hunters are Demon Hunter fans
**- Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck is a cover from the heavy/thrash/groove metal band Prong
^- The Flame That Guides Us Home will be the intro song of the Triptych Project video so whoever picks Not I will also have to do the Flame That Guides Us Home so it can flow evenly into Not I (lucky you).


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