Llamacon 2006 Wants Your MEP!

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Llamacon 2006 Wants Your MEP!

Post by dokool » Tue Nov 01, 2005 3:47 am

Hey guys,

So as I mentioned in <a href="http://www.animemusicvideos.org/phpBB/v ... 8988">this thread</a>, I'm the ConChair for <a href="http://www.llamacon.org">Llamacon 2006</a>, a one-day anime convention focusing on fandom and fan-creation. As part of our video track we'd like to show a variety of fan-created works, including fandubs, documentaries, and AMVs - in particular, multi-editor projects.

I'd therefore like to extend an invitation to MEP coordinators interested in having their project screened at Llamacon. We're only having two video tracks (300+ and 100+ seats, respectively), but we're looking for a wide variety of programming and want to get as many possible options as we can.

Things we'll consider:
1. Concept - What's the theme/concept that drives the MEP? What makes it unique? How well is it executed?
2. Scale - How many editors contributed to the project? What's the length? (note- this doesn't mean that shorter projects have less of a chance of being screened, but it's important in the Epic Jigsaw Puzzle that is event scheduling)
3. Quality - How strong is the project? Is it fun to watch, especially in a large crowd setting?
4. Screeners - is it possible for Llamacon to obtain a DVD screener of the MEP?
5. Will you be able to attend the con? This won't be a factor in deciding on whether or not to screen your project, but it'd be neat to have coordinators come up on stage to introduce their work.

Note that we may not be able to screen everything - we want to balance the AMV content with fandubs and documentaries, but at the very least we'll be considering all projects and if it doesn't screen in 2006, it may screen in 2007.

If you'd be interested in submitting your MEP to Llamacon, drop me an email at events@llamacon.org, or contact me on AIM.



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