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Old School Cartoon Project Track Selection

Post by The Wired Knight » Sun Oct 16, 2005 11:59 pm

Track selection runs till thisfriday.

Track choices:

Any cartoon from before the turn of the century is fine, I'm trying
to keep it to "old school" so nothing too recent and nothing still on
the air today (by that I mean no new episodes). Exceptions to that
rule include shows that reinvent themselves, i.e. Transformers and
Ninja Turtles.

Please only use the opening themes, not the BG music, not the closing
theme. This is what holds the project together so actually use the
opening tunes. As far as your source, I linked a few on teh org,
I'll post a bunch of links tommorow morning but feel free to draw
from whatever you want.

Send me your track selections to my e-mail directly rather than over
the list. Send me as many choices as you want and how many videos
you want to do. (I'm aiming to hopefully make this project 45-60
min.) Send me the name of the show and the anime you will be using.
Once next friday comes up I'll post the tracks people have here on
the list ASAP. I'll do my best to give everyone their first choice.
And like I said, if you want to do two or more videos, tell me ahead
of time, it shouldn't be too bad since these songs are only 1:30 at

Other than that, I'm currently the only one heading this project but
could use some help, so if anyone wants to volunteer to help run this
thing contact me. Thanks.

Note: I am crossposting this from the groups' mailing list to get the info to anyoen who needs it, but the mailing list gets info first so it's better to have access to that too.

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Post by AMV_4000 » Mon Oct 17, 2005 2:33 pm

hey, me and Tardo have come up with a few good ideas for the project, so heres the tracks and the animes we have selected.

-CBR is doing Animaniacs, Multiple animes
-im doing Dark Wing Duck, im not 100% sure on what anime but i'll keep you posted
-Tardo's doing Tales Spin to (secret, check yahoo list)... dont ask...
-Tardo and Pilk are doing 2 Stupid Dogs, again, multi anime..
-Me pilk and Tardo are doing Speed Buggy... it might just be me and tardo or me and pilk, but we know (also A Secret, Check the yahoo list) will be 1 of the animes selected... most likely its going to be multi-anime.
if i find more then i'll let you know


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