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Post by Le Commandant » Tue Oct 16, 2018 5:01 pm

Oh ! Hello !
If I am here today, it's to talk, not about Kevin, but about a nice little group project :

If you have absolutely no idea of what is AMV Enfer, quick speech :
What is AMV ENFER ?

The AMV Enfer is a french (but anyone is welcome, we speak english easily) project that has been launched in 2011 and let's talk about the elephant in the room : yes it is totally based on the concept of AMV Hell. But in a french way... I suppose. The main goal is the same as AMV Hell : get as many as little video clips (in technical language, the nerds behind that call them skits) who mixed up a song and an anime sequence.

The real goal behind all that work ? Find that gap between two opposite worlds, create that 10-30 little seconds that are the perfect match between the music and the animation and that seems to be the main reason why God has created Japan and Adobe Premiere. That or just being fun and catchy.

Anyway, here is some exemples of what it look like in AMV Enfer 3 (in Start-up nation, we call it AMV Enfer trois)

Like it ? Well then imagine something is that is basically that but during 1+ hour with no breaks. Main avantage : if you don't get the joke, you will get the next one.

But let's just being honest about it, AMV Enfer... for us it's juste an excuse to regroup ourself in convention or at home and have fun together while remembering everything why we love this anime sub-culture and great music. If you thing about it, it's kinda like a tribute for futur generations to remember what anime was in our time. Not very modest, but eh we are French.

So let's go to what I really want to talk, that kind of project need people and right non we need volunteers to create new skits or juste having fun ideas. If you're interested, just visit : here.

And if you just want to see everything we have done, it's here : here.

A forum exists, but almost all our discussions are on our DISCORD


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