[6/11 Left] Oh Girl You're The Devil | Open BNHA MEP

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[6/11 Left] Oh Girl You're The Devil | Open BNHA MEP

Post by interplanetjanet » Sat Jun 02, 2018 2:48 pm

hey guys got a bnha mep for you all; theme is maybe a little rigidly defined but i think theres lots of room to work with and i hope it'll turn out nice!

-deadline will be picked after all the parts are taken, probably around five weeks after that.
-do the part with whatever character(s) are assigned to it. plusses means friendship and working together, commas means you can do their friendships or them as individuals.
-raw footage mainly! you can use official art or manga caps but no fanart; it’s primarily about picking clips that fit the lyrics (also i dont like reposting artists's hard work ;_;)
-have fun w effects and typography! don’t feel like you have to rush it, but do try to be done on time
-all the parts are around 11 seconds long; i’ll cut the audio and send it to you once all the parts are taken
-I DOUBT this will be a problem but use hd footage w/ no subtitles and the right aspect ratio please that's pretty easy to find, send me a dm if you need a hand on that
-no program/personal watermarks either; i’ll add usernames when i put it all together
-leave a second or two at the end of your part for transitions
-send your part whatever way works best for you once its done

leave a comment or send me a dm on tumblr http://comicslesbian.tumblr.com/ if you have any more questions or you need an extension! also its okay if you need to drop out i totally get it just let me know so i can find someone to fill in for you

LYRICS: https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/mika/oh ... devil.html

Intro: me
1: Uraraka // Saihara
2: Asui //
3: Uraraka+Midoriya // Bamboo Sticks
4: Asui+Midoriya //
5: Uraraka, Asui, Midoriya //
6: Todoroki // me
7: Iida //
8: Todoroki+Midoriya // Iris
9: Iida+Midoriya //
10: Todoroki, Iida, Midoriya // Ruxx25
11: Everyone (add thanks for watching at the end!) //

Top 2 parts:



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