[CLOSED] - Dream (Motivational ASMV)

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[CLOSED] - Dream (Motivational ASMV)

Post by AlacrityAMV » Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:30 pm

NOTE: I have already found someone willing to participate in this project of mine. Thanks to those who read this post;
and who were willing to give it a thought!

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Spoiler :
NOTE: This is my first attempt at a collab/MEP; and I'm a decent editor at best in my opinion.

I am planning out a (motivational) AMV/MEP for a best friend of mine; (who's birthday is in January.) I'm starting this project early to get everything done ahead of time and to make sure nothing is wrong after early completion.

Why am I posting this in the AMV community? Well, I am looking for decent AMV editors to help me out with this project. The AMV itself is about 6-7 minutes long; and it would be a blessing if a few people out there in this community could help me out if they'd like. First and foremost, here are my requirements in order to enter:

- Must be literate in English
- Use PC editing software
- Be decent at editing; and clips must match the audio/theme
- DO NOT steal clips from YouTube or any other video-sharing website.

I will post more details if you contact me (I have already started editing what I could for now.) If you're interested in this collaboration, please comment below or message me on here; or on my "Discussion" tab on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0vINi ... discussion

The start of season 2 is out!


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