[Open MEP]RWBY Volume 4 hype help :) Help please [1/3]

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[Open MEP]RWBY Volume 4 hype help :) Help please [1/3]

Post by destroyer437 » Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:36 pm

i was thinking with rwby volume 4 coming out that if people were interested in helping me i was thinking everyone can have a section. just pm me or comment of what volume you want to do and what song your using.i think the deadline will be october 29: i would love to get it out before the second episode it wont be possible to do it before the first episode since it cones in 2 days. if you have any questions or concerns please pm or comment here i am looking forward to working with you guys :)

Video requirements: heres a screenshot of my settings: http://imgur.com/a/DlooD

Volume 1: available

Volume 2: available

Volume 3: Taken by me using soldiers by otherwise.


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