The Movie That Makes No Sense [Interest Gauge]

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The Movie That Makes No Sense [Interest Gauge]

Postby TwilightChrono » Wed May 22, 2013 5:37 am

I've had this idea rolling around in my head for quite a while now. This is an interest gauge of Extreme Proportions and I can't stress that enough. As if this MEP garners enough interest, then that means upon completion whoever preview's or watches it will be seeing a whole movie made entirely by the members who participated in the project. Let me explain further below.

It was actually Inspired by Code's Disney MEP. And I would like this to be an annual thing.

Here is the premise.

A movie (Not Anime) by not anime I mean it will be live action movie audio that we edit to. I'll be making a list of comedy movies and action movies in which if this MEP garners enough interest, then members will cast votes for which "Movie Audio" will be edited to. After said movie is chosen, I will then remove the list of movies and break up the movie audio that was chosen into .wavs and upload them for everyone to download and choose their parts.


NO ANIME RESTRICTIONS! Old and new anime come together to make a unique movie experience here on the org.

Example: Yu Yu Hakusho Followed by Evangelion then Inuyasha followed by Bleach and Naruto.

Even if someone calls a said source, that source could still be used.

Example: Track 1 Calls Naruto, but track 10 wants Naruto. Both tracks can use them. As I said. It will make a unique movie experience.

A list of 5 movies will be put into the list upon getting out of the interest gauge stage. Members will then cast votes on which one will be edited to.

Perfection of lip sync isn't required. Do try to hit up the sound effects on que. Other than that, do your best and have fun.

There will obviously be more details fleshed out upon this receiving enough interest, so we will wait to see what happens. The movies however, will not be obliviously long. So no long ass movies like LotR, Gone With The Wind or Odysseus. We will try to keep each movie a respectable length.

If this gets enough interest, then a banner, additional rules, time-codes, .wavs, a list of movies, technical info and general purpose information will be posted.


Premiering At Another Anime Con 2012

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