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Love Avenue MEP Open

Post by FreeAMVs » Sat Feb 02, 2013 11:06 pm


Originally meet for Valentine's day but I was busy and waited too long but it will still be in the feel.

Theme: A "fighting/ hardships of love" or a very we can make it though anything feel. Just match the song and keep it sweet. <3

Song: Skyway Avenue By: We the Kings
Here is the parts video ---> (Tryed to just put it on youtube but it didnt like me :| Sorry about that.)
Here is the song its self on youtube ---> (Part Timeings Below)

Style: I want it all one "style" for he most part but not sure yet what kind fits best. Can go any direction expesaly since its suppose to be a cute video. I'm hoping once everyone signs ups we can figure out whats best, but we'll see :wink:

-Can take 2 parts (maybe three in the future)
-Can use the same anime in your two parts just try to make it flow
- No repeats of anime between different editor, unless you got something worked out. (this is to avoid a scene being reused)
-Make sure your video is good quality and full screen
-When you sign up say the part(s) you want and your anime(s)
-When you sign up will send you your music clip
-Have Fun! :jester:

I haven't decide what part I want to do yet so will probably take what ever is left over.

Intro (start-0:015)-
(For this i would love it if someone would help with the intro because i both hate and suck at it.)
Part 1 (0:15- 0:35)-
Part 2 (0:35- 0:58)-
Part 3 ( 0:58- 1:22)-
Part 4 (1:22- 1:45)-
Part 5 (1:45- 2:08)-
Part 6 (2:08- 2:30)-
Part 7 (2:30- 2:48)-
Part 8 (2:48- 3:07)-
Part 9 (3:07- end)-
Parts link (again) --->


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