MEP for Electronic Album (Great Exposure!!)

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MEP for Electronic Album (Great Exposure!!)

Post by LandingForce » Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:59 am

As I posted before in General AMV, I'm a DJ looking for some editors to help promote my new mixtape. If you're not a fan of electronic music, this job probably isn't for you.

I'm looking to have a short 3-5 min amv created to help spread the word about my new mixtape on youtube, forums, etc...This is a NON PROFIT project, and the mixtape is available for free to anyone, so I'm not making any money of off this. However I am willing to DONATE $50 per editor (max of 3) for their time to help me put this together. You'd be free to use any shows of your choice, but I'm looking for shows / scenes that fit the aggressive, futuristic, edgy / high-tech mood of the mix. Multi-show amvs would be a plus. Looking for good use of effects.

No deadlines, but I'm hoping to complete this by about the end of October. If you are interested, please post a link to some of your best work so I can see what you're dealing with :) I have been featured in iDJ Magazine and DJ Mag (two of the biggest DJ magazines in the world) for my work so this would be good exposure for you.

Preview the mixtape:

Full release:


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Re: MEP for Electronic Album (Great Exposure!!)

Post by Kazemon15 » Tue Oct 16, 2012 12:53 pm

Hey, I just want to make some suggestions for you to get your MEP off the ground and moving. ^^

You might want to mix the tracks of which songs you want to use and flow them together and then put up a full mix as well as tracks to download for each song/part.

It also helps to know what kind of specs you want like aspect ratio and frame rate. Check here for examples on how to set it up so you can get people to join. ^_^


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