Insanimania by Anime America (AMV Hell style videos)

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Insanimania by Anime America (AMV Hell style videos)

Post by AniDisFan » Sat Sep 26, 2020 7:32 pm

Anime America, thank you for helping fill the void left behind by the end of AMV Hell!

Insanimania is a series of videos that follow the style of AMV Hell and AMV Minis.

From a certain point in time, Anime America started putting AMV Hell-style clips at the end of its reviews.

Insanimania compiles those clips and combines them with new clips for your viewing pleasure.

Here's a playlist: ... 0gK3lcXDPV

Here are 2 more Insanimania videos not in the above playlist as of this writing:
Insanimania 7:


On a side note, I've got news concerning AMV Insomnia, another AMV Hell-style series.
At the time of this writing, episodes 3, 4 and 6 have been blocked in Singapore, my country.
Here's a playlist of all the episodes. Hopefully you have better luck than me, and none of the episodes are blocked for you: ... mDvhIKyjY2

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