The Prodigy MEP II (WT) (12/21) [OPEN]

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The Prodigy MEP II (WT) (12/21) [OPEN]

Post by Nightbreak » Tue Mar 12, 2019 1:23 pm

Hello all! In light of the recent news of Keith Flint's death (The Prodigy lead singer) I think it's appropriate to make a final Prodigy tribute. This will be my second hosted MEP and the second Prodigy MEP. It sucks to have make this under such circumstances but after the success of the first one I think it's right to give Keith a great send off and a great tribute to my all time favourite band!

Full mix, tracks and specifications will be up here on 18.03.19 (18th March). I'm expecting quite a long mix with tons of tracks so there will be at the very least 10 parts, so if you're interested leave a message here with an example of your edits, hit me up on IG/youtube or join the discord chat!
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