Screencaps Forum Posting Rules

This forum is for posting images from anime shows. Please read the posting rules before posting in this forum.
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Screencaps Forum Posting Rules

Post by AbsoluteDestiny » Fri Sep 10, 2004 10:25 pm

Please follow these guidelines when making threads and posts in this forum:
  • 1. Hotlinked pictures (ones that will be displayed in a thread) should have a maximum width or height of 800 pixels. If you have a larger image, you can use a thumbnail or you can simply post an html link to the image.

    2. There should be no more than 5 hotlinked pictures per post, please. Excess images may be removed from your posts by mods. This is to keep page loading times down as much as possible. However, you may have as many urls linking to images as you like.

    3. Please use your own bandwidth when hotlinking images. and are good choices for free picture hosting. With image shack, you can also hot link directly to the thumbnails, so that you may put larger pictures up without having to directly link to them.

    4. If you are posting screenshots you have made, please compress your images. Bitmap (.bmp) and other uncompressed formats are not permitted. JPEG (.jpg), PNG (.png) and GIF (.gif) images are preffered. For a free image conversion program, you can use irfanview.

    5. Likewise, please be considerate when posting large (filesize) images. Files bigger than a 200kb should be linked to as a url, not displayed with the [img] tag. This should be plenty for most images.

    6. As the main org <a href="">Forum Rules</a> state, please do not post or link to pictures that contain any nudity, depictions of any sexual acts or anything pornographic. Likewise pictures of excessive violence are not allowed (disembowelling, dismemberment etc). Pornographic and offensive pictures will be removed and you may be banned for posting these.

    7. Please create threads with a specific purpose and make that purpose clear in the subject e.g. "Naruto Screencaps", "Homemade Wallpapers" and so on.

    8. Do not quote other people's posts and leave the pictures hotlinked. Instead remove the [img] tags from the pictures that you wish to quote.
If you have any questions about these rules, please post in Site Help and if you have any recommendations on guidelines to add then Site Suggestions awaits.


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