Make Phade Send Prizes Across The Atlantic!

This forum is for shameless promotion and self-promotion of videos for the VCA awards (this is a temporary forum and will be removed when the contest is concluded)
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Make Phade Send Prizes Across The Atlantic!

Postby )v(ajin Koji » Sun Feb 01, 2004 2:21 pm

Vote me for rookie of the year and force phade to send prizes to me for a higher price than of an american.

:¬ \

or just vote for me if you think i deserve it.
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Postby Voices_Of_Ryan » Sun Feb 01, 2004 2:37 pm

Well if everyone votes for you and Ian,
The prices to send the stuff will be more than the actual prizes are worth =].

Wewt vote for them ^_^
"hey... no"

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