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For Your Consideration: Honou Productions 2003

Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2004 4:15 pm
by LantisEscudo
During 2003, Honou Productions premiered three videos: Gods and Mortals, Dreams and Dreamseers, and As Mahoro Sleeps.

Dreams and Dreamseers participated in the Otakon, Anime Evolution, and Anime Mid-Atlantic contests, and As Mahoro Sleeps participated in the Nekocon contest.

Gods and Mortals participated in the Ohayocon contest, winning Best Drama, and in Anime Evolution, winning Best Drama/Romance Video, Best Artistic Video, and Judge's Best Overall Video. Given my own lack of promotion of this video, it has been largely ignored. I believe that it is deserving of your consideration for nomination in the Best Drama Video category.

Thank you.

Sorry for the formality; I've been watching too many speeches this month, and my brain's been stuck in formal mode for a while. :wink: