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Posted: Thu Jan 15, 2004 4:55 pm
by Voices_Of_Ryan
AMV_4000 wrote:
theocide wrote:
AMV_4000 wrote:



OK FINE I KNOW ITS DESTINATION SKYLINE AND NOT WANING MOON!.......i havnt bought the new domain yet Y_Y
only 3 videos? im very disappointed! i probably wont watch them seeing as i dont like the music or animes your used.. but hey, its only 3 vids..

i dont care how good a vid is, people always want more.. and a good studio gives good quality and quanity! atleast 3 a year.. and if only 3 they better all be damn good!

We just started like a month ago =\

Besides if you want, I can crank out 70 bad videos right now... I got my wmv codec ready to go.