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Post by Ashyukun » Thu Jan 15, 2004 10:27 am

There is something to be said for the usefullness of videos that are made using obscure source (moreso with video source than audio source). I know there have been a few videos that I've watched that have used something obscure (at the time) that have been really good and made me want to track it down so I could watch it. For me, the top of this list was Turboneko's "Let's Get Down" Azumanga Daioh video.

But yes, simply using obscure source does not immediately imply that the video will be good- and different people will classify things differently when it comes to deciding what is 'obscure'- as has already been demonstrated. And this changes a lot over time as well- once something is released domestically and becomes much easier for people to use it generally gets used a lot more.
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