Tyler's apparition in 2003

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Tyler's apparition in 2003

Post by Tyler_Darko » Fri Jan 02, 2004 2:09 am

Hello guys, I have subcribe to a-m-v.org this year and this is my promotion for the 3 favorite videos I've maked this year... I hope you'll take the time to download and watch it :oops:

My action video on Akira... It's a character profile of Tetsuo.
This video was 1st best action video to Animefest at Dallas ; I'm really proud to have win this contest because I LOVE the video which was 3rd (A dwchang video, Evolution -> Excellent :o )

This comedy video focus on Kintaro and his excessive obsession for womens ; so, the anime is Golden Boy. In all my videos it's my favorite :P I have win a spanish contest with this video :)

My last video... I have use 2 animes, Macross Plus and Wolf's Rain !!! A very strange mix, I know. I have only use sequences with wolves in WF anime. My intention was to compare Macross Plus characters to animals.
Tier is a deustch word which mean beast...

Well, I hope you take time to wacth and especially I wish you will enjoy it :wink:

Also I would like to do the promotion for a video I love, the best parody video I have seen this year. It's an Istiv's video :
An amazing work with various animes... I think this video should be more famous ; it's strange, I don't understand why this video isn't in the 10% top, the creator deserve it !!!

At last, special points too for the chibi things of Nappy and the excellent Hail to thief of Beowulf. The two videos are in the top 10%...
Big congratulations for this 3 creators, there are in my personnal top 10 8)

Good download !!! :roll:


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