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Have mercy on me!

Posted: Thu Jan 01, 2004 8:03 pm
by Suzuki_Akira
I just, this Christmas got DVD footage for anime and have a few days before I could get a DVD Rom most people would not even consider my videos when coupled with my noobness...all I ask for is a consideration, please. Yes, this is a pathetic but shameless cry for mercy on a new creator...the link to my vids arein my sig, the one I consider my best is right here: ... hp?v=28626

Please, give me a chance for self esteem's sake!

Posted: Thu Jan 01, 2004 8:04 pm
by Suzuki_Akira
I do, however, consider the symbolism in my videos to be really good if ya think about it! Signing off....again...

A pathetic non-DVD user...
The Perfect Soldier