Starwind/Hawkings and Outlaw Productions Promotions 4 2004

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Starwind/Hawkings and Outlaw Productions Promotions 4 2004

Post by genestarwind21122 » Thu Jan 01, 2004 7:07 pm

Best Drama video
Outlaws Don't Stop (most oped video of mine) (39) ... hp?v=19332

Best Action video
Taking Control ... hp?v=21073

Best Upbeat video
Shrine of the Goddess / Shrine of the Goddess 2 Your choice one short version the other is the long. ... hp?v=16630 (Short) ... hp?v=18385 (long)

Best Comedy/ Paradoy
Zoom Zoom ... hp?v=20442

These would be the videos I would nominate in each catagory.

For the videos that aren't mine

Best Action
VicBond007 - Die Another Day

Best Comedy (3 way tie)
Ninja of the Night - Forty Dollar Productions
Stop the Rock
Sunshine, Lollipops, and RRRrrrrrrrr

Best Parody
Elvis vs. Anime - Sierra Lorna

Best Upbeat
Ruroni Kenshin - Butterfly - SuperYEpower

Best Romance/Drama
Dwchang - Glory of Love


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