Captain Levi - God Mode AMV - Attack on Titan

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Re: Captain Levi - God Mode AMV - Attack on Titan

Postby seasons » Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:52 am

Grab some subtitle-free footage, it'll pay off big for you in ways you might not know until you see it with your own eyes. Just take my word for it. Yes, I know that you, like everyone else, can only edit with what you have. The average viewer isn't going to meet you halfway with this, though.

Such pretty, gentle music, from what film, I have no idea (gonna feel really dumb if this was from Dunkirk, which I just watched), but the violent action scenes in this video kick in right from the get-go, and don't really match the music or follow it towards any kind of destination. I mean, right from the first shots the editing and very fast-paced and the scenes are very intense and the music isn't really cuing-up anything that's on the screen. I do understand the logic that guides this decision as an editor; these scenes are "epic" and this music is "epic" and they "make sense" together but what new meanings do these sources weave together that wasn't already there?

Presumably, this is a "Captain Levi video" but aside from showing off his attacks, giving him slightly more screentime than the other characters, what do you want to say about him? Maybe I'm asking too much but I pose these questions just as a starting point to examine what you're going for more than anything else.

I like how you're recognizing the moments in the music where a cut is appropriate, that much I get. But what now?

I'd love to point you to [url=\this[/url] but the relevant images are dead and it's probably not going to be much help without those. But maybe it'll still be helpful, certainly more than this post, I'm sure.

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