I made an AMV from CHARLOTTE that shows the DARK SIDES of this anime!

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I made an AMV from CHARLOTTE that shows the DARK SIDES of this anime!

Postby Lizette77 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 7:35 am

It's my second AMV but it feels like ages have passed since I started.
Please check out the video and leave a comment if you liked it or not! I'd like to improve my editing so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Spoilers from Charlotte ahead. Enjoy!

Video: The Dark Side of Life
Category: Drama, Serious, Sentimental
Anime: Charlotte
Song: Mad World
Artist: Gary Jules
Creator: Lizette77

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Re: I made an AMV from CHARLOTTE that shows the DARK SIDES of this anime!

Postby seasons » Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:36 am

That was a nifty little opening (0:00-0:11).

Pretty good lyric sync.

Look, I don't like this song (I'm just an awful person, I know), but it seems like you have a plan for it and off the bat I'm interested in seeing what it is.

Maybe it's the fact that I just watched like 4 videos in a row that didn't have any crossfades, but I like your transitions early on in this. Good pacing so far (I'm about 40 seconds into this at this point).

I like to drown my sorrows in ramen and bottled water, so this is hitting home pretty hard. Also, tfw you're rolling joints with a Wendy's receipt you found in your pocket, damn.

The kitchen scenes at 1:07-1:13...I haven't seen this anime, don't know what these mean, so as a random viewer fresh off the streets, here's the first point where I feel disengaged.

Otherwise, you've got some more good lyric sync, some people might think it's too literal or whatever but at least you're keeping this moving along with a purpose.

I don't know if you put effects on these scenes where he's falling/jumping off the building. I...I somehow don't mind this and think it's okay, I mean you're doing this in extreme moderation, who am I to say it's wrong?

The last 30 seconds just kind of bring this to a close for me, good pacing, the scenes don't really resonate with me but maybe fans of the series will get what you're shooting for?

For a first (or second) AMV, this was intriguing and better paced and arranged than I was expecting. I can't say that "you put a lot of thought into this" because I have no idea if you did but it has all the hallmarks of a "thoughtful" AMV. You seem to have a natural sense of flow and an intuitive grasp of how to edit, or at least how to avoid the most common mistakes in these kind of videos. Really, really, really not bad!

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