[Draga-STK] ~QuickShot~ Japan Expo 2013 CDC

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[Draga-STK] ~QuickShot~ Japan Expo 2013 CDC

Postby Draga » Mon Jul 08, 2013 5:22 am


Yo ! This was a quick project i did in 5 days for the Japan Expo 2013 ( that's why i called it QuickShot )

I planned to make a BIG project ( a crossover ) and i even began it , but i canceled it because i said that i won't make it in time ( i was really busy ) so i said that i won't participate this year but they extended the deadline so i wanted to make something because i really wanted
to participate , for the first time , so finally , this came out.

The main problem that i had was the sources , i wanted to use some new scenes to change from other action AMVs and NO! IT'S NOT FULL OPENING !!!! There are a lot of openings yes but i used a lot of episodes too ( lol i even downloaded 12 episodes and i finally i found only one good scene (Anime : haiyore , the scene : 01:21 and this is only one of the cases) ! i was downloading and meanwhile editing with what i have so it was the mess in the timeline , but the result isn't that bad ^^

Anyway , i was selected in the JE list ( 42 selected editors) but i wasn't selected
in the main list ( the 26 first ) , i was only in the (coup de coeur=in french) it's like
the favorites if you want , i don't find the name in english xD
I'll make a BIG project next year ( i hope) , otherwise i won't send anything ^^ , I hope you'll like this a little...at least...T_T

Two fails about the AMV : The song cut at 00:17 and the flare that i forgot to put on the second scene at 02:16 , i was in a hurry and i forgot to correct that lol , i send my AMV at 00:05 (the day of the deadline , late by 5 min xD)

Download Link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/0jwo2 ... ckShot.mp4

FB Page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Draga/270109299722156

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