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We Are All Illuminated

Postby SprinkleSprankles » Sat Apr 20, 2013 3:51 pm


Stream: Youtube

Feel free to let me know what you guys think. (Now, I'm off to partake in birthday shenanigans. (◠ω◠)✧˖°☆ )

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Re: We Are All Illuminated

Postby CodeZTM » Wed May 01, 2013 6:05 pm

My post today for the "Let's Get Active" campaign in General AMV! Grading Scale under spoiler.

Spoiler :
0 = Nonexistant
1-4 = Below Average. Lacking in key components that would make it an average quality.
5 = Average
6-9 = Above Average. Slightly above average, but lacking qualities that would make it something perfect.
10 = Perfect

Concept/Originality: In lieu of a story, the video seems to focus more on a more dramatic/serious theme, and utilizing scenes to that effect. The theme of the video is kept throughout the entirety of the video, so kudos on keeping the video consistent. The problem, however, being that some of the scenes utilized were scenes that are some of the most often repeated scenes in every AMV ever made. We've got the EF dramatic scenes, 5 CM train drama and of course the most dramatic scenes from. Therefore, originality takes a hit in this regard. It's not really anything on your fault, it's just how the trend of AMVs go. I will, however, grant you a bonus for using some really interesting scenes from stuff like Deadman Wonderland and the other new anime. I actually hadn't seen all of that before. Overall though, the originality of the piece wasn't anything out there, and the concept (while well executed and consistent) didn't bring much to the realm of AMVs. [7/10]

Editing/Sync: In general, you hit the mood of the song spot-on. The scenes chosen really did well melding with the melancholy feeling of the music. Cuts and editing were fairly on par, just missing a few key beats or having the odd cut/fade here and there. However, the odd cut/fade here and there were consistent throughout the video, which piled up at the end to a pretty sizable amount. Not like they are blatantly obvious, but I feel like the video could have used another once-over or two and maybe a beta test to catch these few bits. I also have to say that I was disappointed with the ending. It just could have been so much more and really been something over the top dramatic instead of the simple airplane folding. [6.75/10]

Visuals/Audio: The video as a whole was actually really blurry. I think it might have to do with the effects layover, or perhaps the general compression of the video. Nothing horrendous mind you, but I feel like you could have accomplished more in this regard, especially since a majority of the sources you chose have gorgeous quality anime. Also, the watermark in the bottom right was distracting and just not in good taste. 6/10

Effects: The color overlay? I likely will get disagreements about it from more effects-savvy individuals, but I actually liked it. It really made all of the anime feel like they fit together better and I thought it was pretty to look at. Then again, I like rainbows. |:> Still, I have to unbiasedly admit I think it could have been executed better. I see the oval circle where it was edged to, and it was plain to see pretty consistently throughout the video. [7/10]

Re-View: These kind of videos are fairly popular. Overly dramatic multi-source AMVs with interesting scenery and not much else. It's not something I see myself watching on repeated loop, but I still liked it and will likely keep it in a folder to watch alongside other stuff on replay. Also, the TV looped blur round the middle was really cheesy. [6/10]

Overall: The key thing I think I could say about the video is that it just really needs polishing. It's not BAD by any means, and I enjoyed watching it (thanks for making it!). It has a lot of really gorgeous scenery and great scene selection that really captured the mood of the song well. The editing wasn't bad, and just needed a good once-over. The concept, while not original, was still consistent and thought out well. The overall problem with the video is that it has bugs here and there that could be removed and its score moving from a 6/10 to something like a 8/10 or higher. 6/10

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Re: We Are All Illuminated

Postby Kisagi » Wed May 01, 2013 10:07 pm

it's not bad and a few places like that naruto part where it was beautiful at first and all of a sudden Sasuke was randomly put in there. I would also agree with Code and Good Luck in the future!

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Re: We Are All Illuminated

Postby Pic4 » Thu May 02, 2013 1:47 am

I didn't like it that much, because the song reminds me too much of Metamorphose by Umika and I couldn't see any good concept in your video. I think capturing the mood of the song with scene selection/effects is not enough - it feels too random for me. I liked the color mood of the video - but the video quality destroyed it a lot. I would say you compressed it wrong or used bad sources - it doesn't look like a 1280x720p video for me. I think you didn't deactivate resampling as well. That's why it looks a bit dirty and blurry in some parts. Some scene selection didn't fit to the music mood - for example 0:55 there is too much movement and action in the scenes or 2:29 after the bloody face comes a clean face - not logical.

Overall it's not a bad video and I agree with CodeZTM in the most aspects. But I think you have to work more on your cencept - so I could enjoy it too.
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Re: We Are All Illuminated

Postby Radical_Yue » Thu May 09, 2013 9:54 pm

You! YOOOOOOOOOOOOU. I'm taking the effects tab away from you. :P You've got some pretty nice concepts and good scene selection but holy crap man, THE EFFECTS! Stop! lol

But seriously, chill out on the effects, work on your flow and keep working and I honestly think you could be a pretty solid editor. It's like you sketching something and it's like "Oooh, when this is finished it'll be pretty!" but instead you drop it in a tub to tie-dye it because "fuckyeah, colors and shit." Staaaaahp D:

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