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Sappy Self-Indulgence limited download

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2003 11:16 am
by Kusoyaro
My friend has generously offered to host my video on a limited basis for the sake of the VCAs. His bandwidth is limited, and after seeing how much traffic AD was getting, if I simply post the download link here, the server will be dead within a couple of hours. Soooo...if you want a download link for Sappy Self-Indulgence, please send an email to I can only allow 20 people to download it a day...after the first 20 requests, I'll simply bump the next 20 to the next day (if I even get that many requests :P).

So um...yeah. First come, first serve. And no sharing the download link with anyone else, or my friend will pull the video :(

Unfortunately, it does not appear as if Self-Titled will have any hosting whatsoever.

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2003 4:30 pm
by EarthCurrent
Hell, I was just given an extra 100MB of web space to fiddle with--with state of Wyoming sponsored "unlimited" bandwidth. If you want to find a place to host the video for the course of the VCA's without the daily limits, PM me.