Flo-TV shutting-down for good!

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Flo-TV shutting-down for good!

Post by post-it » Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:58 pm

.. Its a funny little 3.5" 37 channel TV viewer with no real purpose!
http://www.rcrwireless.com/ARTICLE/2010 ... -on-flo-tv
.. I got it, originally, to catch Football & last February for basket-ball not shown on regular TV.
As for being Cable on-the-run, its not! ESPN would advertise being on Flo-TV's ESPN station then
place POKER on at that time!!! No Choices make for No-Fun.
.. Bought mine Feb-18th-2010. Portable Sports Monitor -- my ass!

.. They had one hell-of-an-idea here; Pay-Per-View Sports, Movies, Content .. anime? ... but they

.. So, why did I buy it? .. simple; as a truck driver, never being in any one location is the norm and
re-tuning your ASTC Flat-Screen to only get PBS was uterly STUPID ... with this little devise, you were
never out of reach of News Weather and/or Sports -- until now! As of April 2011, the same time that
AM Radio goes Digital, the UHF Flo-TV will be no-more.

.. Just a heads-up on a product which, i'm .. actually going to miss. 8-) Laters


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