Confirmation of the Anime Last Request

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Confirmation of the Anime Last Request

Post by Yamiladin » Thu Feb 08, 2024 2:05 pm

Ive puted new anime entry, that is "Punishing: Gray Raven" (game). I writed a topic. I cant reply on that topic anymore, so iam starting new one, last one about it.

The game really seems like an japan anime, in art style. When i first downloaded it, in europe country, game itself set for me japanese audio with english text. You could say they just trying to imitate, but japanese seiyus gave them their voices.

If someone would not know, where this game comes from, see while iam playing it, for most of the time, this person would definitly says, its from japanese. There are some levels designed in chinese building art style, dunno how its called, but not the majority.

Of course, its could be argument, for the strength of japanese anime impact, on worldwide audience, but wheres the border for AMV, or anime, if japanese peoples calling an anime, all animations? Language? What about dubbing. Cultural background? What about Sonic again, or Batman? (not based on North American or other country icons) right? Right. So we staying with cultural architecture. Like in all animes, about medival ages, that taking inspiration, from medival europe. Right.

Or is it just "japanese, japanese, japanese" and let us all, be closed in the jar! Like Japanese were, for 100 years, and then they regreded it. What about some fresh air?

Why P:GR? Cause it have Anime Tamashi. Maybe its not only reason, cause culture is important, but its most impactfull reason, i think.

Game have its own 12 ep. anime, and i think its donghua, it really seems like anime. Especially first scene of the first episode.

The character from game, called Lucia Crimson Abyss, that i used, in every shot, doesnt really look like chinese girl, for me. She even, in game, can only use swords as a weapons, and that swords ARE japanese katanas, not chinese swords.

Some peoples says that P:GR is somehow based on Devil May Cry. Japanese game. There is even joke, that publishers of P:GR somehow connected to, that Lucia Crimson Abyss is daugther of Devil May Cry character Vergil. I think Vergil is from Italy, but is Sonic really from Japan? I really like Sonic character. Many of anime characters looking like european, or someone, and this giru, really looks like japanese chick.

Anime, and all the character like Sonic the Hedgehog, its even named, in english, and doesnt really have any japanese cultural references. If you watching eng dubbed anime from japanese or chinese, without cultural references, like, how buildings look, how do you tell?

Maybe some of my argument, are somehow puffy, or not so bright, some of them arent, but iam just trying.

I dont want to scold anyone, or breaking site rules, but in the name what i love, art, i have to try push my AMV through.

So, long story short. I didnt, and i dont want breaking anything. Everyone who watch it, will have the name of game and character in front of him, or her, in prolog. I just created something, and it just feels nice.

So iam just asking one more request, to give me permission to upload this AMV.

Cause the real art, has no boundries.

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Re: Confirmation of the Anime Last Request

Post by Kireblue » Thu Feb 08, 2024 2:31 pm

Regardless of the intent or style of the footage, this site only allows videos to be uploaded that meet our site's definition of anime. We also rely on the Anime News Network Anime Encyclopedia to determine eligibility. Since "Punishing: Gray Raven" doesn't have an entry there either, it doesn't meet any of our requirements to qualify.

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