Newbies: How to make your first AMV

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Post by jonmartensen » Sun Oct 13, 2002 1:19 pm

Ok I'm new to this so I geuss I can handle that question best.

I just finished my first AMV and it isn't to hard but it does require time to play around with the program that you end up using.

I used Adobe Premiere, you can get a free trial version of it from the adobe website (it lasts 30 days).

You have to have some sort of source footage and the general way to get it is either straight off a DVD or through a capture card (i.e. takes TV input and saves it).

So to the FAQ on the home page and find Ermacs guide, no wait, here is the link just use this Ermac did a very nice job on how to get DVD source.

So all you need to do is get a song (in .wav format preferably), your source (if you have a dvd player on your computer that would work best), and Adobe Premiere. Just DL premiere from here and play with it for a while, It took me three weeks with to finish my first vid so don't get discouraged if it takes a while.

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I'm trying to start my first AMV! I need help

Post by NewFoundGlory » Sat Oct 26, 2002 2:10 pm

I don't know how to make one!!
I know I would need footage of animes, but how do I get it on my computer? Also, how do i edit the footage to a song? :?

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Post by FurryCurry » Sat Oct 26, 2002 3:50 pm


Reading this thread you posted in from beginning to end would be a good start.
Then read the materials that have been linked to here, then read other threads on this forum for answers to questions that come up.

That would be a good start.

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Post by bloodyfang » Sat Oct 26, 2002 3:52 pm

well If you lok in the main member's page there are links called Guides, Software, hardware, etc. THose will help get you started. Also try not to ask about Piracy. you will get no help and will be flamed if you do.

to get footage you can either
  • Rip Footage with a DVD drive (prefered method)

    Use a capture Card (also prefered method)

    download using KaZaA or direct connect type file sharing programs (Bad method but it works. Just try to get good quality footage)
There are many Video Editing programs. You can find info at the Software page.
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Post by Sub0 » Sun Oct 27, 2002 1:03 pm

NicholasDWolfwood wrote:Capture cards aren't that expensive. I've got an PC-PVR TV Tuner card, and it's fine. It has S-Video out, RCA in and Comp out (Dunno wtf that is...)

I got it for $50 from the I/O Magic store (Well, actually, my dad got it for me, but same difference..)

It's a pretty useful card, and the software it comes with (Cyberlink PowerVCR II 3.0) will capture into MPEG-1 or MPEG-2.
I always use the s-video port in my PCPVR, so I don't think it's an out... unless it accepts both in AND out streams. the RCA is where the sound comes out (when you use the antenna portion) and you say RCA in, I think your backwards again :lol: cuz it apparently streams out not in. Comp is short for Composite, that yellow plug (and the type of tv connection that comes with current consoles). I've never gotten my composite to work, but I've always assumed it was a Comp IN... maybe it IS an out hmmmmm.

Also you don't use your RCA out -> line in wire (should have gotten one with the card) when capturing from an s-video source, you need a wire that goes from the l and r channels of the composite line (the red and white parts that come from the console/ camcorder whatever) to the line-in part of your sound card. I got my cable from radio shack. if you don't do this you can just tape it w/o sound but -you know- it's better with sound :P . You can also just tape the sound without the video if you want... you don't even need a capture card for that, just open Sound Recorder, play it and you can hear it from you computer, press record to record...

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Post by Sub0 » Sun Oct 27, 2002 1:09 pm

oh and if you make your own profile under PVCR 3.0 than you can set it to all 'I' frames, I frames means info frames and is another word for key frames. makes FF and rewinding a b!tch but highly suggested for editing... coarse editing in MPEG itself isn't suggested but -hey- ya gotta do what ya gotta do! :wink:

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Post by Eulogy » Thu Oct 31, 2002 8:01 pm

The only problem I ever run into is filesize...

I use Adobe photoshop 6.0 , are there any files I could download (presets) for high quality video, high quality audio, and decent filesize? (Perhaps about 30 meg for a 3 min video?)

Other than that, I am fine with the editing. Sometimes after I edit crap, and export it, the timing is way off than what I originally set it. What is that due to? crappy processor/video card ?

Well haha I dont wanna seem like a noob... I've been doin AMVs for a while..

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Re: Newbies: How to make your first AMV

Post by The HentaiMaster » Fri Nov 01, 2002 2:25 pm

jbone wrote:This question gets asked several times a day, so I think I'll try to create a definitive "what to do" guide.

First, you need source material. Lots of people start with downloaded clips/fansubs. These will let you make something, but your finished video won't look very good. Rather, you should use DVD source for the best results. (<A HREF= ... tm>REFG</A> to learn how to work with your video streams. Don't ask here, as it's already all answered for you in the guide.)

Second, just pick an idea and run with it. Something sound good to you? try it. Work on it for hours or for days. Teach yourself how to do cool things with the software. Your video will most likely suck, but almost everyone's first videos suck. It may take you three or four tries to actually be able to make anything good, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't just throw together something that "sounds cool" - you need that experience in order to learn what to do (or what not to do). Don't worry about people not liking it, 'cause you don't even have to show it to anyone. Just don't post on the message boards that you're new and you want someone's help to start - dozens of such requests are made a week, and nobody's going to hold your hand and/or give you a good idea that you couldn't've easily come up with by yourself.

Third, don't ask stupid questions. Think things through, don't waste peoples' time asking things which could easily be answered by reading the manual/reading the guides/reading past message board posts/using common sense.

Fourth, don't ask people to give you software. Some programs are available for free; some are cheap; others are expen sive. Nobody here will give you pirated software, and many people here will flame you if you start to brag about how you used pirated software.

Well, that's everything that comes to mind for the moment.

I get the point. You're direct and that is good (sommetimes) but somme ppl have allread red the the help stuff all ready tried but it's not all ways easy to do it. I hada this great idea( not only one ) (and still have it ) but when i tried for days and houres at the and what happend was that i had this well made vid but with no sound no music i was so pissed that i just gave up i trued later ageain and agein but it didn't work out agen.
Like in my case ppl come to siutes like these to ask questions and possibly get ther answer and try to understand what they did wrong. but no offence with pl liek u asking them not ask ther questions how will they get better. It 's like having a microphone and you're trying to sing but u didn't push the on button how will sing iff u don't know that there is this button that is on off or on. Somme times ppl need a lil push in the right direction to able to do what they want to.

No offence man, iff i offended u i didn't mean to.

Peace out ![/quote]
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Old Way?

Post by VashViceStyle » Tue Nov 12, 2002 10:17 pm

waht is the way to make a musicvideo with just a vcr and the moment i dont have a program to get my recorded video to my computer so this is my only way....? how can i make a musicvdieo with just a vcr?

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Re: Old Way?

Post by Sub0 » Tue Nov 12, 2002 10:45 pm

VashViceStyle wrote:waht is the way to make a musicvideo with just a vcr and the moment i dont have a program to get my recorded video to my computer so this is my only way....? how can i make a musicvdieo with just a vcr?
there's a guide just for that... you need 2 vcrs for it though ;-p can be two el cheapos though and 2 different ones dodn't matter

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Post by Rozard » Wed Nov 13, 2002 3:05 pm

Well, actually, you could do it with one VCR, but it'd be hard as balls. The guide in the Guides Section for using 2 VCRs is actually meant as a joke, although it does work. I've done this in High School, but the equipment was designed for video editing. To VashViceStyle I recommend this: If you're planning on actually making AMVs, start out with Windows movie maker (Comes with Windows ME and XP) or Quicktime Editor. They are both easy to use and easy to learn on. I believe Quicktime Editor is a free download, but I'm not sure. WMM comes with any WinME or WinXP computer.
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Post by SQ » Sun Nov 24, 2002 9:26 pm

Video capture cards: If you're on a VERY tight budget, don't get one. I'd recommend WinTV. It's an old wannabe-capture card, but it works if you're on a tight budget. I bought it for around $40 after the rebates. You hook it up with a USB cord to your CPU, and then another part to a VCR, put the tape in, read the directions, get AVIs and screencaps galore. I know there's somehow a way to get game footage with that, but haven't been able to figure it out yet ><.

Rare animes and WinMX: Although WinMX has a LOT of rare animes because it is popular in Japan(heck, I have WinMX, and try to advertise it in my AMVs). However, few English speaking people use it, and unless you somehow get your Japanese/Chinese Language supporter to work while you're using WinMX, all you're going to get in the title of what you're looking for is a lot of numbers and symbols, so, god luck. ><

Reading guides, not being able to post for three days, and other n00b suggestions: I made atleast four music videos before I even CONSIDERED joining't flame me for that ^-^;;). I didn't read any of the guides or anything, but I did make four AMVs before even knowing this site existed, got familiar with my software, and how to make relatively decent AMVs. (my first one sucked ass, but I was fairly good in the lip-syncing department!) Anyway, I think people should make atleast ONE AMV before joining this site. It worked for me, it should work for all of you!

The "confusion": I cannot understand how POSSIBLY someone can think is, even though we refer to it as such. I mean, you had to FIND this site by entering in the url at the top first, to knwo it exsisted. Do when someone says, wouldn't it pop into your mind "Oh! That means!" instead of "Somehow this URL at the top of my screen MUST be wrong because everyone's saying it's!" I mean, isn't that common sense that it's

-End of a noob-but-not-really-a-noob's rant-

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Re: I'm trying to start my first AMV! I need help

Post by jonmartensen » Sun Nov 24, 2002 9:43 pm

NewFoundGlory wrote:I don't know how to make one!!
I know I would need footage of animes, but how do I get it on my computer? Also, how do i edit the footage to a song? :?
Jesus tappdancing christ!!!! Now I understand why people of an established board/hobby can be so harsh with "noobs". I gave everything this guy needs just two posts above him with basic info and direct links to Ermacs (wonderfully made) guide and the premiere website!!! aarrrgggghhh :x :evil: (I need an emoticon that is a cross between those two to fully express my dissatisfaction)

He just gets on without reading anything, asks someone how to do everything, and leaves when he finds out it takes some effort.

At least VashViceStyle has a legitimate question, since the information he needs on video capture isn't given in previous posts.

But dear god, when people get on and post saying "tell me how to make AMV's" without reading anything, it just makes me go "AAAAUUUURRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH *runs into wall* *BAM* "
The least they could do is read some of the very well made guides on getting footage and editing, and then attempting to do something before they get on and ask "How do I make AMV's"

This pisses me off and I don't know Jack squat compared to most of the On Topic members of the org.

/end rant mode
sorry :oops:

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I'm new but it's working great

Post by Gene Starwind 21122 » Tue Dec 03, 2002 6:27 pm

We'll my first video took me a while I used DVD's when I could and used the Dazzle 80. Now the only thing is I need to buy Nero to burn them. So far I have made two videos and I'm trying to decide which one is better for Katsucon because one is all done w/ DVD's and the other is half and half. One is Action/Dramatic and the other one is Dramatic. The A/D one is done half and half while the other one is all DVD so both are good concepts and have been getting good responses from the friends I've shown it too except the A/D one at some times gets a blurred so I may send in my second one or go back and buy the DVD's for the first.
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Post by Daimao » Sat Dec 07, 2002 9:39 pm

In case this hasn't already been mentioned....

What NOT to do if you want a good AMV:

Do NOT use a windows media format (usually .wmv or .asf)
Do NOT use Realplayer (usually something like .rm -rf /luser)

Some good video formats are:

DivX 3.11alpha
And just for the hell of it I'll give QuickTime 6's new MPEG-4 a chance.

Some good audio formats:
(There isnt much choice here anyway)

In case you are lucky enough to have a clean computer, and you didn't install any codec packs or divx 4/5. Then there is good news, you can now watch those divx4/5 and xvid encoded videos without installing the codecs (YAY)

A good set of codecs, and the only ones you should need for that matter are:

DivX 3.11alpha - if you know how to encode this one stands above 4/5.
ffdshow - directshow filters which allow you to watch divx3, divx4, divx5, xvid, and mpeg4v3 (the microsoft version).
Ogg Vorbis DirectShow Filter Collection - There are two, you'll need both.

Note: The Ogg filters are only needed if you are making and watching .ogm (ogg movies). Ogg movies using xvid for video and ogg audio for the audio.
Mac Users: I'm sure there is something out there that works....

Getting Sources:

If you have the DVDs, then rip them to either DivX 3.11alpha or XviD. My advice if you are new to ripping the source from the dvd is to use GordianKnot and encode to DivX 3.11alpha.

The codecs and filters are available on in the download section. Obviously the filters will not be in the same place as the codecs and vise versa, and in order to see the ogg stuff you will need to click 'show me more' near filters.
The DVD backup and ripping utils are also there, along with the GordianKnot program and update. And the guides are there as well, hooah.[/u]
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