Looking for 2 old, specific AMVs

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Looking for 2 old, specific AMVs

Post by MegaFan256 » Thu Nov 12, 2020 10:47 pm

Hello, everyone.

I'm looking for 2 specific AMVs that I had, but have since eluded me for a long time. They're both Megaman X AMVs.

The first involves the anime cutscenes from MMX4 and X3, with Brainsick Metal by Protricity playing throughout. It also has an "epilogue" featuring Sonic characters dancing and acting out to "Can't Touch Me" from Family Guy.

The second also heavily involves the aforementioned MMX3 and 4 anime cutscenes, but also lots of gameplay footage of MMX6. In fact, the site record for it is right here, but with no download link:

https://www.animemusicvideos.org/member ... hp?v=52759

If someone can please provide them, or point to where they could be found (The sites that originally hosted them, an older archive of online AMVs, etc), it'd really help me out.

Thank you.

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