What are the Most Annoying/ Overused Effects in AMVs?

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Re: What are the Most Annoying/ Overused Effects in AMVs?

Post by SQ » Sat Nov 03, 2018 5:10 pm

There is a certain preset for 3d transitions that many Vegas editors use. It has a few zoom transitions followers by spins and/or swipes.

The people who use this preset rarely, if ever, seem to modify itso it's always the same, in the same order, for every amv. At least that's what it seems like to me anyway.

So figure out what that preset is and abuse it, I guess.

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Re: What are the Most Annoying/ Overused Effects in AMVs?

Post by The_McLaughlin » Fri Nov 09, 2018 7:39 pm

One of my biggest pet peeves of AMV's is when people take the lyrics to their song and just slap it in the middle of the frame. No animating the text, just the song lyrics smack dab in the middle of the frame with the default font (usually Arial). It's like people say AMV's that used text well in it saw that the video was popular and then just starting throwing the songs lyrics around because they thought that's what made the video popular. I don't know what anyone else's opinion on this is, but for me I could really enjoy the begging of the AMV and then the lyrics start up and it's ruined for me as the lyrics just are smack dab in the middle of the screen.

I don't mind when it's done well and used to emphasize a certain lyric with a portion of the video, and care is given to the font and animated to look like it was a purposeful addition. However, you could search for any given amv combination on youtube and throw a rock and hit five in a row of videos that just don't change the font, don't try to animate it, and just have it there for the hell of it because its apparently a popular thing to do now. I don't know how over used it is here on the org, I haven't seen it as much here, but for the vast majority on youtube it seems to be overused, and annoyingly implemented into the video.


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