Looking for an AMV maker/Motion Designer

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Looking for an AMV maker/Motion Designer

Post by nickstradi » Mon Sep 25, 2017 6:58 pm

I'm not sure about the category, so don't slap me if I posted into a wrong one.
I'm looking for someone to animate for a chorus battle. You've probably never heard of something like this, but basically, you need to move drawn pictures for 3-4 mins, doing with them all you want, while using effects and stuff XD You have something around a month for every round, there are 3 rounds totally.

Good examples of what I'm looking for

and what I've done with my team previously (there are some other examples on the same channel, if you interested)

It's non-commercial, we're all just having fun, but all our members are super-strong in their own field, we're making everything original and stuff.
Our artists are drawing full body art for everyone, it's not much, but it's really cool :>


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