Best workflow between AE and SV

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Best workflow between AE and SV

Post by FailToilet » Mon Apr 25, 2016 12:13 pm

Well, everything is ready, new PC, knowledge added in AE+Sv 13.
The only problem is the correct workflow is not known for me, i've read about making the SV cuts and then moving them into AE as a whole video but i don't like this way of working, i prefer making some cuts in AE and then exporting to vegas for rearreangment.
Most of the FX are going to be used in AE while some of them are gonna be used in SV including masking so i need something quick and remotable to export from one to another.
By the way a good render help would be helpfull since a 2 seconds video edited with AE took 5-6 minutes to render.

Thanks in advance.


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