Anime Detour 2023 AMV Playlists

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Anime Detour 2023 AMV Playlists

Post by Phade » Fri Apr 07, 2023 9:45 pm

Hey Everyone!

Here are this year’s Anime Detour setlists!

I’ll be posting each day’s shows at the end of the day so you can find your favorites earlier than the last day of the con. Whoo hooo!!

Thank you again to Anime Detour for this wonderful opportunity to showcase the incredible talents of this amazing AMV community!!

Friday: Opening Ceremonies

Friday: What Did I Miss?

Friday: Awesome AMVs Set 1


SATURDAY: Cosplay Seating

SATURDAY: Cosplay Halftime

SATURDAY: Don’t Show This AMV (18+)

SUNDAY: Awesome AMVs Set 2

SUNDAY: Closing Seating

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Re: Anime Detour 2023 AMV Playlists

Post by Scintilla » Thu Apr 27, 2023 7:48 pm

A post that DOESN'T end with "Thanks again and have fun!! ^_^ Phade."? Who are you and what have you done with the real Phade?
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Re: Anime Detour 2023 AMV Playlists

Post by FoxJones » Mon Sep 11, 2023 10:12 am

Wait wait wait hold up what... are my videos actually being played somewhere!? ...whoa

Seeing my nick among the ones like Nostromo_vx, Ileia, JCD, Bauzi, CrackTheSky, Zarxrax.... this is very humbling (and made my day)

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