Can't Get Previews to Work

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Re: Can't Get Previews to Work

Post by Scintilla » Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:57 pm

Kireblue wrote:
Scintilla wrote:
Kireblue wrote:what videos in particular are you having this issue with? I just checked for a number of them and didn't have any problems.
Say (for example) any of my own videos or Cyanna's. LOCAL is there but PREVIEW is not. This is true both in Opera and in Mozilla, and it's true both of the editor profiles and the video profiles.
I just tested streaming of your videos on 2 different accounts that have 2 different levels of permissions, but neither of them had the issue that you're talking about. I was able to stream your videos on both. Are you sure that you didn't accidentally click the "enable streaming services" button in your edit profile page? If it's clicked, don't try to un-click it though. If working properly. its supposed to not only disable you to preview things, but also delete the previews on all your videos.
I just checked, and the "enable streaming services" box is still checked.
... and now everything is back. I was just about to point out that it wasn't just my videos but anyone's, so I went to your profile, and everything was back -- and then it was back on my own profile, despite not being there just 15 seconds ago. Stale file somewhere in the cache perhaps?
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