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Re: Best Fun Video

Post by Pysh » Fri Mar 02, 2018 5:04 pm

There are soooo many amvs and so little time left for nomination :( it's just not possible for me to explore them at the moment. We all know there are many amvs out there that may not have our attention but are worth watching. Well that is a topic to discuss for later and I'm glad kireblue started a discussion thread for it. I kind of feel unfair if I just nominate few amvs that I know or just found searching but it'd be the same if I didn't post
having known 'em. I've been a bit busy & since nominations are closing, there are still some amvs I know that aren't on the list and so I just feel like posting 'em 'cause they are worth it & I'd feel bad if I din't. Well nomination process have its limitations but i hope we will figure out a way to reach out to more amvs.
Hero of the Spiral by Speedy180

Hey-Nonny-Nonny by UnluckyArtist

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Re: Best Fun Video

Post by Kira » Fri Mar 02, 2018 8:17 pm

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