What if you wanted to listen to an anime girl's voice before bedtime?

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What if you wanted to listen to an anime girl's voice before bedtime?

Post by ChristopherRobin » Sat Jan 27, 2018 6:11 pm

My goal:
- Purpose: create audio file easy to fall asleep to
- Create a long (at least 20 minute long) sound file of even volume, non shouting quotes from an anime girl such as Onodera's voice from the Nisekoi
- Remove the background music, keep just the voice


1. How can I get just the character audio files from say the Nisekoi game?
This would decrease some work b/c wouldn't have to remove background music for those audio cips

2. Have people already created compilation of voice from a single character? Onodera or another girl from an anime. If so I could just edit those and remove shouting/uneven volume sounds.

3. Are there other things I should consider to make my creation of the audio files more efficient? Right now my plan is: collect lots of little audio clips, filter voice from music for each, append them to each other, and then smooth out the volume/transitions (the last step of which I am most hazy on what that would mean in terms of actions in audacity)

My background
- Pretty much computer illiterate, don't know the sound file types/anything about editing

What I've done so far.
1. Downloaded Audacity
2. Found through google something that might help isolate voice: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/voca ... ation.html

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