Anyone have a DV500 DVD card?

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Anyone have a DV500 DVD card?

Post by Sinime » Wed Jul 17, 2002 11:46 pm

I am curious if the T-Rex universal multimedia file converter that comes with it can go from a ripped DVD to a format that the board can edit in real time? If so, how is the quality? Any problems with interlacing? How is the card when you start doing frame by frame edits? How is the general stability of the board?

The reason I ask is that I have a DC1000 that has never worked right, and apparently never will since pinnacle dropped the board a month ago or so, and don't want to get burned again by pinnacle. I am open to any other suggestions as far a board goes, but I know Matrox is somehow in bed with the Macrovision idiots. - not good for captures.



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