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Anime Club Computer

Post by Schrodinger » Sun Jun 08, 2003 5:20 pm


Building a new computer (ben trying for years, might have the cash now), and I'm a bit unclear when it comes to video equipment beyond the standard video/3d card. The trick is, I need this system to be able to handle many different needs. At this point in specing out the computer, I'm not applying a budget. The idea is to figure out what I'd want then, if necessary, lowering that to what I kneed.

I happen to be the Pres of a local anime club. We have an extensive lending library, but the older VHS tapes are getting pretty bad, so I'll need an effective way of inputing AV to digital format (to be archived on DVD) as well as cleaning up the quality on the inputed videos.

I'll also need some means of outputing from digital to VHS (most of our members prefer to use their VCRs) to put the arcived videos and any new fansubs downloaded into a usable format.

I also would want to do some AMV's (else I wouldn't be on this site), between the input/output and editing needs I've allready expressed, AMV needs should be covered pretty well. Of cource, if there is anything in addition, I'm here for suggestions.

Oh, yea. Of course there are games, need good 3d performance for those.

The system is being speced currently as my dream system, so assume ~3 GHz Athlon, >1GB ram, and the like... Also, I plan to run Linux, so if I could avoid known compatability issues that would be nice.

Thanks for the help.

P.S. Schrdinger is the name of this computer, and is a bad joke. Bonus points to whoever gets it. (and if no one does that makes me a sad person).

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Re: Anime Club Computer

Post by kmv » Sun Jun 08, 2003 5:53 pm

Schrodinger wrote:Bonus points to whoever gets it.
Because you don't know what's inside the box. :roll:

Do I get a prize?

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Post by klinky » Sun Jun 08, 2003 6:07 pm

Athlon XP 2600+ 2.04Ghz(333Mhz bus) CPU @ $95
Epox RDA Nforce2 Motherboard @ $85
2x 512MB Kingston PC2700(333Mhz) @ $126(63ea)
2x 120GB Western Digital 7200RPM, 8MB cache @ $216(108ea)
MSI Geforce4 128MB ti4200 @ $108
Pioneer DVR-105 4X DVD-R Drive $175
Hauppauge WinTV Capture Card $85
350Watt AMD approved ATX case @ 50
Keyboard/Mouse/Floppy @ 30

This is a system I suggested to someone else, I adjusted it a bit for what you want to do and I upgraded the CPU and the prices. This would pretty much do what you want. It's not the latest and greatest, but if you go about 1K then you returns on performance start to dimish.

If you want to lower the price you could remove one of the hard drives - 108 & take out the 1GB of ram(2x 512MB) and put in 512MB(2x 256MB). It's best you put the dimms in in pairs, then you can use the dual channel memory setting to boost performance.

The computer comes with a good capture card & a 4X DVD-R Drive. So you could make DVD-Rs of your old anime tapes. Nothing in there that I know of would cause problems with Linux. I don't know exactly what the point of running Linux would be for your situation. All of those options are handle better & easier on a Windows machine. Multimedia is not a big strong point for linux. It's getting better though. I am not sure how well Linux supports DVD-R drives or if it has mastering tools.

Cleaning your VHS input can be a tricky thing and involves playing around with some different cleaners. Mastering DVDs and learning the ins and outs of burning them is not a nessacarily simple process.

The system above is all you need really. Just slap a monitor on there and some speakers(Nforce2 comes with onboard sound, which is said to be really good) and you'd be good to go.



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