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Post by Dannywilson » Sun May 18, 2003 6:25 pm

DreamsofaCobra wrote:
Dannywilson wrote:You don't actually need to touch both ends, either will do, because electricity doesn't care how it gets to the ground, and you make an especially good conduit for that purpose. Most people think of AC acting as would a DC battery, where they would have to touch both ends (Think putting a 9V batteries terminals to your tongue), but in fact, all AC is looking to do (in most applications anyaways) is get to the largest dispersion body around, that being the rather large planet beneath your feet.
Before anyone gets annoyed, I am not taking things too seriously, I am just a little curious. A few years ago I took a class on basic electronics, and to my understanding, a charge from a capacitor is not "AC", rather it is closer to being a static charge, like a battery that discarges everything very quickly, as opposed to a normal battery with a constant voltage. Given the fact that a capacitor is where you have a two plates close to each other, with a dielectric of some sort inbetween. One plate is negativley charged, ie, has all the electrons, and their desire is not to get to ground, but the other plate. Not that I am saying you are wrong, I could be completely ignorant, (it has happened before, believe it or not!) and would like clarification by those more knowlegable.

I do agree that capacitors are dangerous,
Well your body/the gound can act as that second plate, thus shocking the shit out of you and leaving a nasty mark you'll feel in the morning. :P
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