VCA 2016 Semi-Finals Livestream

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Re: VCA 2016 Semi-Finals Livestream

Post by ngsilver » Mon Mar 07, 2016 7:48 pm

Day 4 livestream order
Spoiler :
Trailer\Sephirothskr - Caliburn.mp4
Trailer\Shin - Shafted.mkv
Trailer\Cenit and others - Connichi_2015_AMV-Nacht_Jump.mp4
Trailer\Kireblue - Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles.mp4
Trailer\MycathatesyouAMV - Nekos & Inus Trailer (Opening).mp4
Trailer\shorisquared - LIVE. DIE. REBEAT. (AWA Pro 2015 Parody Finalist).mp4
Trailer\NoglasticNinja - Metal Gear Waifu V - The Phantom Imouto.mp4
Trailer\SerenityAMVs - Sailor Guardians of the Galaxy.mp4
Trailer\Maboroshi Studios - Reform School Girls.mp4
Trailer\Tyrfalger - En Garde.mp4
Trailer\UnluckyArtist - MagicalRangers.mp4
Trailer\Cenit - The Things I Love When AMV.mp4
Trailer\drewaconclusion - Congressional Run.mp4
Trailer\hamstar138 - The Little Prince Returns.mp4
Trailer\shorisquared - He lies.mp4
Trailer\Pic4 - Nomura.mp4
Trailer\SheeGee - Aldnoah.mp4
Trailer\JooDamn - Dawn of Justice Trailer.mp4
Trailer\Camichan19 - March of the Penguindrum Trailer.mp4
Trailer\drewaconclusion - Graveyard Tramps.mp4

Instrumental\tayuyagirl - Concrete Kid.mp4
Instrumental\BecauseImBored1 - Sleazy Swingers.mp4
Instrumental\indecisive24 - charmed.mp4
Instrumental\Terra_Omega_3 - Troubled Journey.mp4
Instrumental\Maboroshi Studio - The planets.mp4
Instrumental\lolligerjoj - GEHIRNSTURMEN.mp4
Instrumental\guntheramvs - Thállein.mp4
Instrumental\Tyrfalger - The Wind Calls.mp4
Instrumental\Zakuro - Anthem of anime.mp4
Instrumental\Allegoriest AMVs - Long Days & Hellsalem's Lot_.mp4
Instrumental\amv strat - Dragon's Awakening.mp4
Instrumental\orewa_bolivia - Hard Out Here.mp4
Instrumental\Celia Phantomhive - Dolphin's House.mp4
Instrumental\Cenit - Gurren Lagann Orchestral.mp4
Instrumental\MaboroshiStudio - Tearful Memories.mp4
Instrumental\Hakabane - Entropy.mp4
Instrumental\l33tmeatwad and others - The Ballad of PixelBlended.mp4
Instrumental\pic4 - Nomura.mp4
Instrumental\indecisive24 - resonance.mp4
Instrumental\Tyrfalger - En Garde.mp4

Lip Sync\Shin - Shafted.mkv
Lip Sync\drewaconclusion - Congressional Run.mp4
Lip Sync\TnAddct1 - Yonkoma Heaven.mp4
Lip Sync\CrackTheSky - Victims of the Night.mp4
Lip Sync\Veravero - Dirty fantasy.mp4
Lip Sync\MycathatesyouAMV - Nekos & Inus Trailer.mp4
Lip Sync\VivifxAMV - Awwkward.mp4
Lip Sync\[key]Scarlet - Renegade (freedom cry).mp4
Lip Sync\alexmichur00 - The Beat Will Continue Until Morale Improves.mp4
Lip Sync\Rider4Z - Yato's God Complex.mp4
Lip Sync\AMV Strat - Lights of Hope.mp4
Lip Sync\BakaOppai - A Salty Stick.mp4
Lip Sync\BecauseImBored1 - One Hell of a Host.mp4
Lip Sync\Cenit and others - Connichi 2015 AMV - Nacht Jump.mp4
Lip Sync\Copycat_Revolver - Neapolitan (Masters 2015).mp4
Lip Sync\Parodic Productions - Yup, Still Single.mp4
ip Sync\Pic4 and others - Bugger OFF.mp4
Lip Sync\Copycat_Revolver - The Lady and the Taiga.mp4
Lip Sync\Shin - Just Funkin Dandy.mp4
Lip Sync\Hakabane - Entropy.mp4

Multi Anime\eclipse studio and others - Farewell my friend.mp4
Multi Anime\pic4 and others - Bugger OFF.mp4
Multi Anime\Shin - Shafted.mkv
Multi Anime\SilentMan - John the Hellhound.mp4
Multi Anime\Cenit - Boom Clap Panic.mp4
Multi Anime\cenit and others - Nein nein.mp4
Multi Anime\alexmichur00 - The Beat Will Continue Until Morale Improves.mp4
Multi Anime\Copycat_Revolver - Playing the Odds.mp4
Multi Anime\Celia Phantomhive - Volleybot.mp4
Multi Anime\amv strat - Lights of Hope.mp4
Multi Anime\AMVLuna - Anime's Got Talent.mp4
Multi Anime\Copycat_Revolver - Neapolitan (Masters 2015).mp4
Multi Anime\Cheis106 - Sin City.mp4
Multi Anime\antaresheart07 - [Amv] I Will Not Bow.mp4
Multi Anime\BakaOppai - A Salty Stick.mp4
Multi Anime\kimberly and others - Break the Rules MEP.mp4
Multi Anime\Dn@ - F.Y.C.mp4
Multi Anime\BecauseImBored1 - Covert Cover Up.mp4
Multi Anime\MycathatesyouAMV - Nekos & Inus Trailer (Opening).mp4
Multi Anime\Celia Phantomhive - The Fangirl Chronicle.mp4

Single Anime\inverse - Fate-Under Control.mp4
Single Anime\CrackTheSky - Victims of the Night.mp4
Single Anime\irriadin - Speedwagon Slamjam.mp4
Single Anime\Cenit - LANDKAMPF.mp4
Single Anime\LC_Lapen - Captain DandEo.mp4
Single Anime\Shin - Nefarium Psychologica.mp4
Single Anime\Xophilarus - Parallel Convergence.mp4
Single Anime\YusukeAMV - The Curse.mkv
Single Anime\AntaresHeart07 - Every Scar will be my throne.mp4
Single Anime\BecauseImBored1 - THROWBACK.mp4
Single Anime\Cenit - Gurren Lagann Orchestral.mp4
Single Anime\ookamiamvs - Change.mp4
Single Anime\Cenit - All Limiters Off.mp4
Single Anime\Shin - Just Funkin Dandy.mp4
Single Anime\Kisanzi - Scrumtrulescent Smorgasbord.mp4
Single Anime\UnluckyArtist - Yin-Yang Destiny.mp4
Single Anime\Cenit - Cold And Bloody.mp4
Single Anime\CrackTheSky - My Favorite Days.mp4

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Re: VCA 2016 Semi-Finals Livestream

Post by ngsilver » Tue Mar 08, 2016 1:53 am

Thanks to everyone who joined tonight's stream, was a blast. Next stream is set for Thursday evening as the final stream for the semi-finals. Hope to see ya'll there for that. In the meantime I've set the auto-pilot to loop the previous categories and posted the on-demand listings to the thread in the main post above.

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Re: VCA 2016 Semi-Finals Livestream

Post by ngsilver » Thu Mar 10, 2016 7:41 pm

Day 5 Playlist
Spoiler :
Special Effects\ookamiamvs - Change.mp4
Special Effects\Shin - Shafted.mkv
Special Effects\CeliaPhantomhive - The Fangirl Chronicle.mp4
Special Effects\[key]Scarlet - Renegade (freedom cry).mp4
Special Effects\drewaconclusion - Rainbow Stalin Saves The World.mp4
Special Effects\cenit and others - Nein nein.mp4
Special Effects\Shin - Nefarium Psychologica.mp4
Special Effects\slimed - Serein.mp4
Special Effects\irriadin - derelict.mp4
Special Effects\Hakabane - Entropy.mp4
Special Effects\lolligerjoj - GEHIRNSTURMEN.mp4
Special Effects\amv strat - Lights of Hope.mp4
Special Effects\MycathatesyouAMV - Fun Fun Yum Yum.mp4
Special Effects\cenit and others - Connichi 2015 AMV - Nacht Jump.mp4
Special Effects\Celia Phantomhive - Volleybot.mp4
Special Effects\MycathatesyouAMV - Nekos & Inus Trailer (Opening).mp4
Special Effects\Cenit - LANDKAMPF.mp4
Special Effects\inverse - Fate-Under Control.mp4
Special Effects\SilentMan - John the Hellhound.mp4
Special Effects\Shin - Just Funkin Dandy.mp4

Artistic\Koop - Follow My Lead (FML).mp4
Artistic\lolligerjoj - GEHIRNSTURMEN.mp4
Artistic\Scofield - AirWorthy.mp4
Artistic\Dn@ - F.Y.C.mp4
Artistic\Copycat_Revolver - Neapolitan (Masters 2015).mp4
Artistic\CrackTheSky - Safely, Safely.mp4
Artistic\tayuyagirl - The Empty Seat.mp4
Artistic\Kyros - Deadly Memories.mp4
Artistic\guntheramvs - Thállein.mp4
Artistic\alexmichur00 - The Beat Will Continue Until Morale Improves.mp4
Artistic\SilentMan - John the Hellhound.mp4
Artistic\[key]Scarlet - My Fault.mp4
Artistic\irriadin - derelict.mp4
Artistic\AMVLuna and others - Anime's Got Talent.mp4
Artistic\CeliaPhantomhive - The Fangirl Chronicle.mp4
Artistic\Shin - Just Funkin Dandy.mp4
Artistic\Cenit - LANDKAMPF.mp4
Artistic\Shin - Nefarium Psychologica.mp4
Artistic\Cheis106 - Sin City.mp4

Video of Year\Pic4 - Nomura.mp4
Video of Year\Shin - Nefarium Psychologica.mp4
Video of Year\SilentMan - John the Hellhound.mp4
Video of Year\Dn@ - F.Y.C.mp4
Video of Year\Scofield_NL - AirWorthy.mp4
Video of Year\lolligerjoj - GEHIRNSTURMEN.mp4
Video of Year\Cenit - Cold And Bloody.mp4
Video of Year\Koop - Follow My Lead (FML).mp4
Video of Year\alexmichur00 and others - The Beat Will Continue Until Morale Improves.mp4
Video of Year\eclipse studio and others - Farewell my friend with credits.mp4
Video of Year\ONEWAYS - Mr.HERO.mp4
Video of Year\CrackTheSky - Victims of the Night.mp4
Video of Year\AmvLuna and others - Anime's Got Talent.mp4
Video of Year\Shin - Just Funkin Dandy.mp4
Video of Year\ookamiamvs - Echo of Life.mp4
Video of Year\Cenit - Boom Clap Panic.mp4
Video of Year\xZakurox - Anthem of anime.mp4
Video of Year\BakaOppai - A Salty Stick.mp4
Video of Year\Kisanzi - Scrumtrulescent Smorgasbord.mp4

MEP\Kireblue and others - Celebrate the World (2015 Earth Day MEP).mp4
MEP\IlluminatedStudio and others - MAD MEP_deluxe.mp4
MEP\Orestes and others - In Fear and Faith MEP.mp4
MEP\Kireblue and others - Calling all the Monsters (2015 Halloween MEP).mp4
MEP\Mirkosp and others - Barcollomanonmollo (480p).mkv
MEP\HotaruT and Others - Xmas Hell 2015 MEP.mp4
MEP\Pic4 and others - Bugger_OFF.mp4
MEP\Sephirothskr and others - Crack On Anime (Good framerate).mp4
MEP\Valcidious and others - Welcome To The End - Celldweller MEP.mp4
MEP\YusukeAMV and others - Praise the War.mp4
MEP\AmvLuna and others - Anime's_Got_Talent.mp4
MEP\l33tmeatwad and others - The Ballad of PixelBlended [720p][9C6C1BC5].mp4
MEP\Kimberly and others - Break the Rules MEP.mp4
MEP\FinalSouls - The Seeking Mep.mp4

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