VCA FAQ (Viewer's Choice Awards)

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VCA FAQ (Viewer's Choice Awards)

Post by Radical_Yue » Sat Dec 26, 2015 1:58 pm

The end of the year is upon us which means the VCAs are right around the corner! While I'm sure all of our long term members already know all about the VCAs, this is for those who are new to the site or are just getting involved for the first time.

What are the VCAs?
The VCAs stand for Viewer's Choice Awards. Every year we let members vote on what videos they thought were the very best from the previous year. There are awards for Best Action, Editor of the Year, Best MEP, and quite a few more! If you want to see what has won in previous years you can go here and click through the years!

How do I participate in the VCAs?
If you made an AMV in this year you can participate! There are a few things to make sure you've done though....
1. The video MUST have a catalog entry on the Org. We can't vote for a video that's not on the website! While it doesn't have to be uploaded, it just has to have an entry which creates a type of submission to the VCAs. If you've never created an entry before here is a video tutorial I made on how to create a catalog entry and upload to the Org.
2. All fields in your catalog entry must be filled out with valid info! If you don't have a song or an anime listed then the entry won't register and your video won't show up on the ballot. Non-Anime sources listed on your catalog entry will also disqualify your entry from voting.
3. Make sure your video is listed in the catalog BEFORE the new year! If you don't get your video entered in time you'll have to wait until the following year to participate with that particular entry.
4. Make sure the box is checked for "All of my videos have been entered into the catalog" in your profile. You can find this by going here. It should default to being checked but you want to make sure it's marked off or your videos won't show up on the ballots!
5. PLEASE ONLY UPLOAD AND ENTER YOUR VIDEOS. This is not Youtube and we do not allow reupload accounts like BestAMVsofAllTime or VermillionAMVs. If you didn't make it, don't upload/enter the information.

I don't want to participate in the VCAs. What should I do?
If you don't want to participate at all, uncheck the box that I mentioned in #4 of the "How do I participate in the VCAs?" portion.
If you want your videos to be eligible for voting but you don't want to vote then simply make sure the box is checked, sit back, and do nothing! You don't have to vote if you don't want to.

Can I vote for myself? Which videos can I vote for?
Yes! You can vote for yourself, your friends, whatever you want. If you feel that video deserves to be called "Best of...." then vote for it! It is the VIEWER'S CHOICE AWARDS which means that you as the viewer decide who wins! If you believe a certain video or editor should win then scream it from the rooftops!
Sometimes some real gems go missed because no one decided to be a hype dog for them. You can't be sad about videos or editors losing if you don't try your best to rally for them!

I only just started this year, can I still join?
Yes! Yes! YES! In fact, we have a special award for you! Rookie of the Year and Best First Video are both categories that only new editors will be eligible for! Everyone has to start somewhere! ;D

I don't make AMVs but I still want to vote. Can I do this?
Yes, even if you don't make AMVs or you simply didn't make anything this year, you can still vote!

I only join MEPs and don't do solo videos. What should I do?
We do have categories for both Best Mutli-Editor Project and Best Collaboration. To be eligible for these categories, here is some info...
MEP - Must have 3 or more members involved.
Collab - Maximum of 2 members involved.
All members must be listed. If you make a single account or studio account (studio accounts are actually again't the rules) then it will NOT be counted as an MEP or collab. There is an option to add members to the participation of a video when you're entering a video into the catalog. Everyone must have their own account in order to be added on to the project and can not be added unless they've registered first.
A typical MEP/Collab looks like this...

The main coordinator is the one who creates the entry (and who's name shows up first) and the rest of the editors are all listed on the page after the coordinator has added them. Please DO NOT create multiple entries for a single video or MEP.

I didn't watch a lot of videos last year. Where can I find out about videos to watch and vote for?
Before the VCAs start we will open up a section of the forum where people can share their favorite videos from last year and help promote AMVs they think should win! Discussions had in this section of the forum will NOT count as votes but are merely to generate exposure and hype. When the section is opened up we will post about it on the main website in addition to on the official Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Once we start to get into a couple rounds of the VCAs, there are typically streams held where you can hang out, watch videos and discuss them with others. The streams will also be announced on the forum, the website, Twitter and Facebook.

How many rounds are there?
There are 3 Rounds of VCA nominations and voting.
The first round will have the most videos available to vote for. If a video meets the requirements (see "How do I participate in the VCAs?" section) then it will show up in a very looooong list of videos to choose from. If you have previously downloaded a video and assigned it a star rating then you'll see those AMVs will be highlighted in different colors to help you vote. You can vote for as many videos as you want in this stage.

The second round is the Semi-Finals. In the Semis the amount of videos you can vote for is limited to 5 per category and the videos available for voting will be limited to only the top videos from the previous round. This is typically when the streams start since the pool of videos is significantly smaller and wouldn't take years to watch from start to finish. :P

The third and final round is The Finals. In the finals there will only be around 5 videos per category to pick from and you will only have 1 vote. In the event of a tie there can be a short tie-breaker round between the two selections but beyond that, this is where the winners will be selected!


And those are some of the VCA basics! If you have any questions feel free to either post in this thread or PM me in private!

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